We, as an environmentally conscious citizen of the world, are committed to saving the future by reducing, reusing and recycling. We have policies to do so interwoven into the operations of our business.

We have our new facility planned to save and generate our solar electricity by using solar energy :

  • Through Solar Panels.
  • Through Sustainable structure.
  • Through Facade and Fenestration design.
  • Through Water Management.
  • Through Greens.
  • Through Open space planning.


  • The building has 15000 SF of solar panels on the roof.
  • These can provide 12000 units every month thereby eliminating the need for any electrical power from the State Grid during peak hours.
  • During off-peak production hours, the excess electricity produced by these panels will be stored locally and may also be fed back to the state electrical grid.
  • The overall impact will be to reduce our dependence on electricity produced by fossil fuels

We are committed to environmental laws, and we conduct regular audits to enhance the efficiency of the production process. We have a team of experts who guide us through the ways to reduce the carbon emission and conserve the resources.

The company strictly adheres to all the environmental laws as laid out by the authorities to prevent environmental degradation.

We encourage the efficient and optimum use of all the resources.

From electricity to water and manufacturing to packaging of products, the company strictly follows a minimum wastage policy

A layered glass and aluminum facade help maintain privacy from the street without compromising inflow of natural light.