Sewing Line

Century Overseas have a sewing division of well equipped 800 state-of-the-art single needle stitching machines of international standards across all three divisions. The company is fully capable to carry out the sewing process with precision. The sewing division is equipped with high-tech machinery of RF Technology. The company uses real-time system devices to calculate the efficiency of the workers, which eventually increases their productivity.


Our sewing division for leather garments is passed thru lot process, after cutting and checking of leather cutting, the bundle is checked on the marking table, where we make stitch markings, on which our tailors run. With high mechanized stitching machines of Durkopp-Adler, and with the SAM (standard Allowed minutes), we monitor quality and consistency.

Our stitch department is working in both ways of line system and piece rate system. With high checkpoint after every 5-7 tables.